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NTD offers you access to VET FEE-HELP eligible courses provided by Australia’s leading colleges including Keystone College, Aspire College, Compass College, Martin College, Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and Careers Australia. This means you can enrol today and get started on achieving your career goals and all upfront tuition costs are paid for by the Australian Government as a student loan on your behalf. It lets you study now and pay later! The added benefit is that you don’t start making repayments until you are earning over $54,126 per annum. Here are just some of the many advantages you receive when you enrol in a VET FEE-HELP eligible course with the assistance of NTD

    • No upfront fees for eligible applicants on any VET FEE-HELP approved course
    • Diploma level courses can be completed in as little as six months with strong pathways to employment
    • Small classes with close trainer support to ensure you succeed
    • Free assistance or support for reading and writing throughout your studies
    • All courses are TAFE equivalent and come with the added benefit of much greater flexibility and support throughout your studies
    • Any Australian citizen or holder of a Humanitarian visa can apply
    • You may also qualify for Education Entry Assistance from Centrelink to assist in paying for text books etc.


VET FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that helps eligible students pay their tuition fees for higher level VET courses under-taken at approved VET FEE-HELP providers.

What is an approved VET FEE-HELP provider?

An organisation that has been approved by the Australian Government to offer VET FEE-HELP loans to its students.

Am I eligible for VET FEE-HELP?

You may be eligible for a VET FEE-HELP loan if you:

  • are an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder resident in Australia for the duration of the unit of study;
  • are studying a diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate or graduate diploma at an approved provider; and
  • read the VET FEE-HELP information booklet (the booklet) before you complete and submit the Request for VET FEE-HELP assistance form (the form) by the census date.

How do I apply?

To apply for VET FEE-HELP you need to submit a Request for VET FEE-HELP assistance form by the census date indicated by your approved provider on their website. The form is only available from approved providers and you must submit the form to them. You will need to provide your tax file number to complete the form.

How much can I borrow?

There is a set maximum amount you can borrow through VET FEE-HELP over your lifetime. This is known as the VET FEE-HELP limit. In 2015 the VET FEE-HELP limit is $97,728.

Is there a loan fee?

Depending on where you are studying, you may attract a loan fee of up to 20 per cent for your VET FEE-HELP loan. This is included in your VET FEE-HELP debt. There is no interest on VET FEE-HELP loans but your debt total is adjusted (indexed) each year to keep its real value.

How do I repay the loan?

You will repay your VET FEE-HELP loan gradually through the tax system once your income is above the minimum repayment threshold set by the Australian Taxation Office. In the 2015-16 income year the threshold is $54,126.

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